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Hungarian Poetry

PUBLISHER: FriesenPress; 1st edition
PUBLICATION DATE: November 17, 2023
ISBN-10: 1039182429
ISBN-13: 978-1039182424
Kindle, Hardcover

The book seems like a wonderful opportunity for English readers to delve into the diverse and rich world of Hungarian poetry spanning centuries. Frank Veszely's expertise and dedication in bringing this literary treasure trove to English readers are commendable.


The promise of translations that maintain the essence, form, rhythm, and rhyme patterns of the original poems is impressive. Preserving these elements is a challenging task, yet it seems like Veszely has managed to achieve it, presenting the translated works in a manner that captures the spirit of the original poets. This aspect could offer a unique and authentic experience for readers, allowing them to appreciate the depth and beauty of Hungarian poetry in its truest form.


The mention of themes like a nation's love of freedom and the depth of human experiences suggests that the collection might offer not only a glimpse into Hungarian culture but also resonate with universal emotions that transcend borders. Poetry has a remarkable ability to evoke emotions and connect people across different cultures, and this collection seems poised to achieve that.


Overall, the book appears to be a valuable contribution to English literature, providing a window into Hungarian poetic traditions and offering readers an opportunity to engage with the beauty and depth of this rich literary heritage.

Hungarian Poetry
Hungarian Poetry
Hungarian Poetry
Hungarian Poetry
Hungarian Poetry


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